Commit 4561f7e0 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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......@@ -4231,13 +4231,13 @@ With prefix argument N moves forward N messages with these labels.
;;;### (autoloads (rmail-mime) "rmailmm" "rmailmm.el" "ae80368d7bee6d397e916de369676b29")
;;;### (autoloads (rmail-mime) "rmailmm" "rmailmm.el" "9f436f1c6b99e08f4d7c1827ec90b088")
;;; Generated autoloads from rmailmm.el
(autoload 'rmail-mime "rmailmm" "\
Process the current Rmail message as a MIME message.
This creates a temporary \"*RMAIL*\" buffer holding a decoded
copy of the message. Content-types are handled according to
copy of the message. Inline content-types are handled according to
`rmail-mime-media-type-handlers-alist'. By default, this
displays text and multipart messages, and offers to download
attachments as specfied by `rmail-mime-attachment-dirs-alist'.
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