Commit 456c0a31 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

make-docfile cleanup for I/O, etc.

* lib-src/make-docfile.c (progname, generate_globals, num_globals)
(num_globals_allocated, globals): Now static.
(generate_globals, struct rcsoc_state, read_c_string_or_comment):
(write_c_args, scan_c_stream, search_lisp_doc_at_eol, scan_lisp_file):
Use bool for boolean.
(verror): New function.
(fatal, error): Use it.  API is now like printf.  All callers changed.
(main): Remove err_count local that was always 0.
(main, scan_c_stream, scan_lisp_file): Check for I/O error.
(scan_file, scan_c_file, scan_c_stream, scan_lisp_file):
Return void, not 0.
(put_char, scan_keyword_or_put_char, scan_c_file): Use char for byte.
(scan_keyword_or_put_char): Check for missing ( and unexpected EOF.
(close_emacs_globals): Use ptrdiff_t for index, not int.
(scan_c_file, scan_lisp_file): Exit with failure if file cannot be
opened, rather than diagnosing but exiting with status 0.
(search_lisp_doc_at_eol): Don't worry about ungetc of EOF; it's
portable now.
parent 25ec995c
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