Commit 45926d06 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(nntp-encode-text): Properly encode outgoing text by

putting CR at the end of all lines.
parent 06cab6db
......@@ -906,7 +906,12 @@ This function is supposed to be called from `nntp-server-opened-hook'."
(insert "\n"))
;; Insert `.' at end of buffer (end of text mark).
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert "." nntp-end-of-line)))
(insert ".\n")
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(delete-char 1)
(insert nntp-end-of-line))))
(defun nntp-retrieve-headers-with-xover (articles &optional fetch-old)
(set-buffer nntp-server-buffer)
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