Commit 459d74ef authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Stop files with same basename messing up finder's package--builtins

* lisp/ (setwins_finder): New, excluding leim.
(finder-data): Use setwins_finder.

* lisp/finder.el (finder-no-scan-regexp): Add leim-list.
(finder-compile-keywords): Don't skip files with same basename.

Fixes: debbugs:14010
parent 83e7ae18
2014-03-14 Glenn Morris <>
* finder.el (finder-no-scan-regexp): Add leim-list.
Don't skip files with same basename. (Bug#14010)
* (setwins_finder): New, excluding leim.
(finder-data): Use setwins_finder.
* help-fns.el (help-split-fundoc, help-add-fundoc-usage)
(help-function-arglist, help-make-usage): Move from here...
* help.el (help-split-fundoc, help-add-fundoc-usage)
......@@ -124,6 +124,15 @@ setwins_almost=for file in `find ${srcdir} -type d -print`; do \
esac; \
# Find all subdirectories except `obsolete', `term', and `leim' (and subdirs).
# We don't want the leim files listed as packages, especially
# since many share basenames with files in language/.
setwins_finder=for file in `find ${srcdir} -type d -print`; do \
case $$file in ${srcdir}*/obsolete | ${srcdir}*/term | ${srcdir}*/leim* ) ;; \
*) wins="$$wins$${wins:+ }$$file" ;; \
esac; \
# Find all subdirectories in which we might want to create subdirs.el.
setwins_for_subdirs=for file in `find ${srcdir} -type d -print`; do \
case $$file in \
......@@ -166,7 +175,7 @@ custom-deps: doit
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) finder-data
finder-data: doit
$(setwins_almost); \
$(setwins_finder); \
echo Directories: $$wins; \
$(emacs) -l finder \
--eval '(setq generated-finder-keywords-file (unmsys--file-name "$(srcdir)/finder-inf.el"))' \
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ Keywords and package names both should be symbols.")
;; ldefs-boot is not auto-generated, but has nothing useful.
(defvar finder-no-scan-regexp "\\(^\\.#\\|\\(loaddefs\\|ldefs-boot\\|\
"Regexp matching file names not to scan for keywords.")
(autoload 'autoload-rubric "autoload")
......@@ -194,7 +194,16 @@ from; the default is `load-path'."
(and (string-match el-file-regexp f)
(intern (match-string 1 f)))))
(memq base-name processed))
(push base-name processed)
;; There are multiple files in the tree with the same basename.
;; So skipping files based on basename means you randomly (depending
;; on which order the files are traversed in) miss some packages.
;; You might think this could lead to two files providing the same package,
;; but it does not, because the duplicates are (at time of writing)
;; all due to files in cedet, which end up with package-override set.
;; FIXME this is obviously fragile.
;; Make the (eq base-name package) case below issue a warning?
;; (push base-name processed)
(insert-file-contents (expand-file-name f d))
(setq summary (lm-synopsis)
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