Commit 45ba025e authored by Jambunathan K's avatar Jambunathan K
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Provide for customizing default regexp in occur commands (Bug#13892).

* lisp/replace.el (occur-read-regexp-defaults-function): New var.
(occur-read-regexp-defaults): New defun.
(occur-read-primary-args): Propagate above change.
parent 1a7bceef
2013-03-10 Jambunathan K <>
* replace.el (occur-read-regexp-defaults-function): New var.
(occur-read-regexp-defaults): New defun.
(occur-read-primary-args): Propagate above change (bug#13892).
2013-03-09 Stefan Monnier <>
* mouse.el (mouse-drag-track): Remove left-over debugging code.
......@@ -1135,12 +1135,32 @@ which means to discard all text properties."
:group 'matching
:version "22.1")
(defvar occur-read-regexp-defaults-function
"Function that provides default regexp(s) for occur commands.
This function should take no arguments and return one of nil, a
regexp or a list of regexps for use with occur commands -
`occur', `multi-occur' and `multi-occur-in-matching-buffers'.
The return value of this function is used as DEFAULTS param of
`read-regexp' while executing the occur command. This function
is called only during interactive use.
For example, to check for occurrence of symbol at point use
\(setq occur-read-regexp-defaults-function
(defun occur-read-regexp-defaults ()
"Return the latest regexp from `regexp-history'.
See `occur-read-regexp-defaults-function' for details."
(car regexp-history))
(defun occur-read-primary-args ()
(let* ((perform-collect (consp current-prefix-arg))
(regexp (read-regexp (if perform-collect
"Collect strings matching regexp"
"List lines matching regexp")
(car regexp-history))))
(funcall occur-read-regexp-defaults-function))))
(list regexp
(if perform-collect
;; Perform collect operation
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