Commit 45ca30f2 authored by Karl Berry's avatar Karl Berry

move more advanced vc info to emacs-xtra.texi

parent 14e6dc54
2006-04-11 Karl Berry <>
* emacs-xtra.texi, emacs.texi (Dired under VC, VC Dired Commands,
Remote Repositories, Version Backups, Local Version Control,
Snapshots, Making and Using Snapshots, Snapshot Caveats,
Miscellaneous Commands and Features of VC, Change Logs and VC,
Renaming VC Work Files and Master Files,
Inserting Version Control Headers, Customizing VC, General Options,
Options for RCS and SCCS, Options specific for CVS): move all
these nodes to emacs-xtra.texi, for brevity.
* cmdargs.texi, files.texi: change cross-references.
2006-04-11 Reiner Steib <>
* gnus.texi, gnus-faq.texi, message.texi: Gnus v5.10.8 is released.
......@@ -551,7 +551,7 @@ The name of an interpreter used to parse and execute programs run from
inside Emacs.
The name of the outgoing mail server. Used by the SMTP library
(@pxref{Top,,Sending mail via SMTP,smtpmail}).
(@pxref{Top,,,Sending mail via SMTP,smtpmail}).
@cindex background mode, on @command{xterm}
@item TERM
The type of the terminal that Emacs is using. This variable must be
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......@@ -399,10 +399,6 @@ Version Control
* Old Versions:: Examining and comparing old versions.
* Secondary VC Commands:: The commands used a little less frequently.
* Branches:: Multiple lines of development.
* Remote Repositories:: Efficient access to remote CVS servers.
* Snapshots:: Sets of file versions treated as a unit.
* Miscellaneous VC:: Various other commands and features of VC.
* Customizing VC:: Variables that change VC's behavior.
Using Multiple Buffers
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