Commit 45e37537 authored by Daniel Dehennin's avatar Daniel Dehennin Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen

Gnus Group Mail Spliting on mailing-list headers

* texi/gnus.texi: Document the new `list' split abbreviation and
`match-list' group parameter (bug#25346).

* lisp/gnus-mlspl.el: Use the `list' abbreviation when the new
`match-list' group parameter is set to `t'.
The split regexp is modified to match either `@` or `.` as domain
separator to comply with RFC2919 IDs too.

* lisp/nnmail.el: Add new `list' split abbreviation matching common
mailing-list headers.
parent caf88962
......@@ -3102,6 +3102,21 @@ interest in relation to the sieve parameter.
The Sieve language is described in RFC 3028. @xref{Top, Emacs Sieve,
Top, sieve, Emacs Sieve}.
@item match-list
@cindex match-list
If this parameter is set to @code{t} and @code{nnmail-split-method} is
set to @code{gnus-group-split}, Gnus will match @code{to-address},
@code{to-list}, @code{extra-aliases} and @code{split-regexp} against
the @code{list} split abbreviation. The split regexp is modified to
match either a @code{@@} or a dot @code{.} in mail addresses to
conform to RFC2919 @code{List-ID}.
See @code{nnmail-split-abbrev-alist} for the regular expression
matching mailing-list headers.
See @pxref{Group Mail Splitting} to automatically split on group
@item (agent parameters)
If the agent has been enabled, you can set any of its parameters to
control the behavior of the agent in individual groups. See Agent
......@@ -15475,6 +15490,9 @@ Matches the @samp{To}, @samp{Cc}, @samp{Apparently-To},
@item any
Is the union of the @code{from} and @code{to} entries.
@end table
@item list
Matches the @samp{List-ID}, @samp{List-Post}, @samp{X-Mailing-List},
@samp{X-BeenThere} and @samp{X-Loop} fields.
@vindex nnmail-split-fancy-syntax-table
@code{nnmail-split-fancy-syntax-table} is the syntax table in effect
......@@ -190,6 +190,11 @@ from 'gnus-score-find-favourite-words'.
*** Gmane has been removed as an nnir backend, since Gmane no longer
has a search engine.
*** Splitting mail on common mailing list has been added. See the
concept index in the Gnus manual for the `match-list' entry.
** Htmlfontify
*** The functions 'hfy-color', 'hfy-color-vals' and
'hfy-fallback-color-values' and the variables 'hfy-fallback-color-map'
......@@ -182,7 +182,8 @@ Calling (gnus-group-split-fancy nil nil \"mail.others\") returns:
(to-list (cdr (assoc 'to-list params)))
(extra-aliases (cdr (assoc 'extra-aliases params)))
(split-regexp (cdr (assoc 'split-regexp params)))
(split-exclude (cdr (assoc 'split-exclude params))))
(split-exclude (cdr (assoc 'split-exclude params)))
(match-list (cdr (assoc 'match-list params))))
(when (or to-address to-list extra-aliases split-regexp)
;; regexp-quote to-address, to-list and extra-aliases
;; and add them all to split-regexp
......@@ -202,16 +203,28 @@ Calling (gnus-group-split-fancy nil nil \"mail.others\") returns:
;; Now create the new SPLIT
(push (append
(list 'any split-regexp)
(let ((split-regexp-with-list-ids
(replace-regexp-in-string "@" "[@.]" split-regexp t t))
(if (listp split-exclude)
(apply #'append
(mapcar (lambda (arg) (list '- arg))
(list '- split-exclude))
(list group-clean))
(list '- split-exclude))))
(if match-list
;; Match RFC2919 IDs or mail addresses
(push (append
(list 'list split-regexp-with-list-ids)
(list group-clean))
(push (append
(list 'any split-regexp)
(list group-clean))
;; If it matches the empty string, it is a catch-all
(when (string-match split-regexp "")
(setq catch-all nil)))))))))
......@@ -488,7 +488,8 @@ Example:
(to . "to\\|cc\\|apparently-to\\|resent-to\\|resent-cc")
(from . "from\\|sender\\|resent-from")
(nato . "to\\|cc\\|resent-to\\|resent-cc")
(naany . "from\\|to\\|cc\\|sender\\|resent-from\\|resent-to\\|resent-cc"))
(naany . "from\\|to\\|cc\\|sender\\|resent-from\\|resent-to\\|resent-cc")
(list . "list-id\\|list-post\\|x-mailing-list\||x-beenthere\\|x-loop"))
"Alist of abbreviations allowed in `nnmail-split-fancy'."
:group 'nnmail-split
:type '(repeat (cons :format "%v" symbol regexp)))
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