Commit 45ee08fd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(define-derived-mode): When making new abbrev table,

don't try to copy the parent's abbrev table.
parent 509b4dbc
......@@ -215,17 +215,7 @@ been generated automatically, with a reference to the keymap."
`(let ((parent (char-table-parent ,syntax)))
(unless (and parent
(not (eq parent (standard-syntax-table))))
(set-char-table-parent ,syntax (syntax-table)))))
,(when declare-abbrev
`(when local-abbrev-table
(lambda (symbol)
(or (intern-soft (symbol-name symbol) ,abbrev)
(define-abbrev ,abbrev
(symbol-name symbol)
(symbol-value symbol)
(symbol-function symbol))))
(set-char-table-parent ,syntax (syntax-table)))))))
(use-local-map ,map)
,(when syntax `(set-syntax-table ,syntax))
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