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Document the problems with building and dumping on Irix 6.5.9 and earlier.

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......@@ -748,6 +748,20 @@ Iris 4D (mips-sgi-irix[456].*)
flag or otherwise (see cc(1)). This may work on earlier Irix 6
systems if you edit src/s/irix6-0.h following irix6-5.h.
Building Emacs 21.1 and 21.2 on versions of Irix before 6.5.10,
especially when Emacs is built with GCC, was reported to have subtle
problems such as being unable to print to stdout under the -batch
command-line option. Building with the native compiler or upgrading
the OS to a newer version solves these problems. There's evidence
that these problems are actually related to the runtime libraries
(before IRIX 6.5.10, the IRIX runtimes were based on the MIPSpro 7.2
compilers), so installing patches for the runtime from could solve the problem
even without upgrading the OS. The dump process is the crucial
step that needs the upgraded runtime, so a workaround is to dump
Emacs on a machine with a newer OS, then copy the binary to the
older OS.
If compiling with GCC on Irix 6 yields an error "conflicting types
for `initstate'", install GCC 2.95 or a newer version, and this
problem should go away. It is possible that this problem results
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