Commit 462eca8f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(update_tool_bar): Redisplay toolbar also when only

number of items changes.
parent 6b4d8762
......@@ -9391,7 +9391,8 @@ update_tool_bar (f, save_match_data)
/* Redisplay the tool-bar if we changed it. */
if (NILP (Fequal (new_tool_bar, f->tool_bar_items)))
if (new_n_tool_bar != f->n_tool_bar_items
|| NILP (Fequal (new_tool_bar, f->tool_bar_items)))
/* Redisplay that happens asynchronously due to an expose event
may access f->tool_bar_items. Make sure we update both
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