Commit 46407861 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(same_size_fonts): Compare only the width.

parent 2798dfd6
......@@ -590,9 +590,16 @@ same_size_fonts (font1, font2)
XCharStruct *bounds1 = &font1->min_bounds;
XCharStruct *bounds2 = &font2->min_bounds;
return (bounds1->width == bounds2->width
return (bounds1->width == bounds2->width);
/* Checking the following caused bad results in some cases
when fonts that should be the same size
actually have very slightly different size.
It is possible that this reintroduces the bug whereby line positions
were not right. However, the right way to fix that is to change xterm.c
so that the vertical positions of lines
depend only on the height of the frame's font.
&& bounds1->ascent == bounds2->ascent
&& bounds1->descent == bounds2->descent);
&& bounds1->descent == bounds2->descent); */
/* Modify face TO by copying from FROM all properties which have
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