Commit 46a610ab authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(vcursor-move): Use display-color-p.

parent f6afe80c
......@@ -321,6 +321,8 @@
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'compare-w))
(defgroup vcursor nil
"Manipulate an alternative (\"virtual\") cursor."
:prefix "vcursor-"
......@@ -654,6 +656,7 @@ another window. With LEAVE-W, use the current `vcursor-window'."
(move-overlay vcursor-overlay pt (+ pt 1) (current-buffer))
(setq vcursor-overlay (make-overlay pt (+ pt 1)))
(or window-system
(overlay-put vcursor-overlay 'before-string vcursor-string))
(overlay-put vcursor-overlay 'face 'vcursor))
(or leave-w (vcursor-find-window nil t))
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