Commit 46bb7c2b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fget_text_property): Simplify using Ftext_properties_at.

parent a6ac02af
......@@ -501,25 +501,9 @@ OBJECT is optional and defaults to the current buffer.\n\
If POSITION is at the end of OBJECT, the value is nil.")
(pos, prop, object)
Lisp_Object pos, object;
register Lisp_Object prop;
Lisp_Object prop;
register INTERVAL i;
register Lisp_Object tail;
if (NILP (object))
XSET (object, Lisp_Buffer, current_buffer);
i = validate_interval_range (object, &pos, &pos, soft);
return Qnil;
/* If POS is at the end of the interval,
it means it's the end of OBJECT.
There are no properties at the very end,
since no character follows. */
if (XINT (pos) == LENGTH (i) + i->position)
return Qnil;
return textget (i->plist, prop);
return textget (Ftext_properties_at (pos, object), prop);
DEFUN ("get-char-property", Fget_char_property, Sget_char_property, 2, 3, 0,
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