Commit 46cfd295 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(command-line): Check for compiled user-init-file and

set to uncompiled version if necessary.
parent d826d78b
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ This is normally copied from `default-directory' when Emacs starts.")
;;; This is here, rather than in x-win.el, so that we can ignore these
;;; options when we are not using X.
(defvar command-line-x-option-alist
(defconst command-line-x-option-alist
'(("-bw" 1 x-handle-numeric-switch border-width)
("-d" 1 x-handle-display)
("-display" 1 x-handle-display)
......@@ -677,6 +677,17 @@ or `CVS', and any subdirectory that contains a file named `.nosearch'."
;; don't let it be set from default.el.
(if (eq user-init-file t)
(setq user-init-file nil))
;; If we loaded a compiled file, set
;; `user-init-file' to the source version if that
;; exists.
(if (and user-init-file
(equal (file-name-extension user-init-file)
(let ((el (concat (file-name-sans-extension
(if (file-exists-p el)
(setq user-init-file el))))
(or inhibit-default-init
(let ((inhibit-startup-message nil))
;; Users are supposed to be told their rights.
......@@ -764,12 +775,12 @@ or `CVS', and any subdirectory that contains a file named `.nosearch'."
;; If -batch, terminate after processing the command options.
(if noninteractive (kill-emacs t)))
(defcustom initial-scratch-message "\
(defcustom initial-scratch-message (purecopy "\
;; This buffer is for notes you don't want to save, and for Lisp evaluation.
;; If you want to create a file, visit that file with C-x C-f,
;; then enter the text in that file's own buffer.
"Initial message displayed in *scratch* buffer at startup.
If this is nil, no message will be displayed."
:type 'string)
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