Commit 46d40398 authored by Didier Verna's avatar Didier Verna Committed by Jan D
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Fixes: debbugs:19396

* nsselect.m (Fns_selection_owner_p): Return a Lisp boolean, not a
C one.
parent e3040f2a
2014-12-23 Didier Verna <> (tiny change).
* nsselect.m (Fns_selection_owner_p): Return a Lisp boolean, not a
C one (Bug#19396).
2014-12-22 Jan Djärv <>
* xterm.c (x_bitmap_icon): Partly revert change from 2014-03-21 which
......@@ -438,7 +438,8 @@ Updated by Christian Limpach (
if (EQ (selection, Qnil)) selection = QPRIMARY;
if (EQ (selection, Qt)) selection = QSECONDARY;
return ns_get_pb_change_count (selection)
== ns_get_our_change_count_for (selection);
== ns_get_our_change_count_for (selection)
? Qt : Qnil;
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