Commit 47096a67 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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(current-kill): Replace (% (+ N (- L K)) L) with (mod (- N K) L),

which is simpler.
parent 9b1868cc
......@@ -998,11 +998,10 @@ yanking point; just return the Nth kill forward."
(kill-new interprogram-paste))
(or kill-ring (error "Kill ring is empty"))
(let* ((length (length kill-ring))
(nthcdr (% (+ n (- length (length kill-ring-yank-pointer)))
(let ((ARGth-kill-element
(nthcdr (mod (- n (length kill-ring-yank-pointer))
(length kill-ring))
(or do-not-move
(setq kill-ring-yank-pointer ARGth-kill-element))
(car ARGth-kill-element)))))
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