Commit 47632e43 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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* (fringe.o, minibuf.o): Fix dependencies.

parent aa603a2a
2007-10-12 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* (fringe.o, minibuf.o): Fix dependencies.
2007-10-11 Miles Bader <>
* xdisp.c (get_char_face_and_encoding): Remove extraneous definition.
......@@ -1156,7 +1156,7 @@ filemode.o: filemode.c $(config_h)
frame.o: frame.c xterm.h window.h frame.h termhooks.h commands.h keyboard.h \
blockinput.h atimer.h systime.h buffer.h character.h fontset.h \
msdos.h dosfns.h dispextern.h w32term.h macterm.h termchar.h $(config_h)
fringe.o: fringe.c dispextern.h frame.h window.h buffer.h termhook.h $(config_h)
fringe.o: fringe.c dispextern.h frame.h window.h buffer.h termhooks.h $(config_h)
font.o: font.c dispextern.h frame.h window.h ccl.h character.h charset.h \
font.h $(config_h)
ftfont.o: dispextern.h frame.h character.h charset.h font.h $(config_h)
......@@ -1188,7 +1188,7 @@ marker.o: marker.c buffer.h character.h $(config_h)
md5.o: md5.c md5.h $(config_h)
minibuf.o: minibuf.c syntax.h dispextern.h frame.h window.h keyboard.h \
buffer.h commands.h character.h msdos.h $(INTERVAL_SRC) keymap.h \
terhooks.h $(config_h)
termhooks.h $(config_h)
mktime.o: mktime.c $(config_h)
msdos.o: msdos.c msdos.h dosfns.h systime.h termhooks.h dispextern.h frame.h \
termopts.h termchar.h character.h coding.h ccl.h disptab.h window.h \
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