Commit 4775ecad authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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* vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-dir-extra-headers): Disable the pending merges header.

parent 0d17c4b9
2010-02-06 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-dir-extra-headers): Disable the pending merges header.
2010-02-05 Juri Linkov <>
* doc-view.el (doc-view-mode):
......@@ -796,8 +796,12 @@ stream. Standard error output is discarded."
(shelve-help-echo "Use M-x vc-bzr-shelve to create shelves")
(root-dir (vc-bzr-root dir))
(expand-file-name ".bzr/checkout/merge-hashes" root-dir)))
;; FIXME: looking for .bzr/checkout/merge-hashes is not a
;; reliable method to detect pending merges, disable this
;; until a proper solution is implemented.
(and nil
(expand-file-name ".bzr/checkout/merge-hashes" root-dir))))
(format "A merge has been performed.\nA commit from the top-level directory (%s)\nis required before being able to check in anything else" root-dir))
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