Commit 477feba7 authored by Martin Stjernholm's avatar Martin Stjernholm
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(c-mask-comment): Fixed bug where point was moved to the following line when

it was at the first line of a block comment where comment-start-skip matched
to eol.
parent fda3de70
......@@ -2900,7 +2900,8 @@ command to conveniently insert and align the necessary backslashes."
;; The region includes the comment starter.
(goto-char (car c-lit-limits))
(if (looking-at (concat "\\(" comment-start-skip "\\)$"))
(if (and (looking-at (concat "\\(" comment-start-skip "\\)$"))
(> here (match-end 0)))
;; Begin with the next line.
(setq beg (c-point 'bonl))
;; Fake the fill prefix in the first line.
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