Commit 47917d8f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/gnus/gnus-cloud.el (gnus-cloud-synced-files): Fix doc & type.

parent e32f3525
......@@ -48,10 +48,14 @@
(:directory "~/News" :match ".*.SCORE\\'"))
"List of file regexps that should be kept up-to-date via the cloud."
"List of files that should be kept up-to-date via the cloud.
Each element may be either a string or a property list.
The latter should have a :directory element whose value is a string,
and a :match element whose value is a regular expression to match
against the basename of files in said directory."
:group 'gnus-cloud
;; FIXME this type does not match the default. Nor does the documentation.
:type '(repeat regexp))
:type '(repeat (choice (string :tag "File")
(plist :tag "Property list"))))
(defcustom gnus-cloud-storage-method (if (featurep 'epg) 'epg 'base64-gzip)
"Storage method for cloud data, defaults to EPG if that's available."
......@@ -290,6 +294,8 @@ Use old data if FORCE-OLDER is not nil."
(dolist (elem gnus-cloud-synced-files)
((stringp elem)
;; This seems fragile. String comparison, with no
;; expand-file-name to resolve ~, etc.
(when (equal elem file-name)
(setq matched t)))
((consp elem)
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