Commit 47fdaab8 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Drew Adams <drew.adams at>

(custom-face-edit-activate): Doc fix.
parent c5da8ef6
2007-09-16 Drew Adams <>
* cus-edit (custom-face-edit-activate): Doc fix.
2007-09-16 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/cal-menu.el, calendar/calendar.el, calendar/diary-lib.el:
......@@ -3011,7 +3011,7 @@ Also change :reverse-video to :inverse-video."
(cons value (cons from (- (point) from))))))))
(defun custom-face-edit-activate (widget)
"Make face widget WIDGET inactive for user modifications."
"Make face widget WIDGET active for user modifications."
(let ((inactive (widget-get widget :inactive))
(inhibit-read-only t)
(inhibit-modification-hooks t))
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