Unverified Commit 48373e75 authored by Thierry Volpiatto's avatar Thierry Volpiatto

Merge branch 'completion-first-difference_face'

parents bcf4201d 4095a006
......@@ -3171,18 +3171,21 @@ one-letter-long matches).")
(funcall update-score start start)
(while md
(funcall update-score start (car md))
(put-text-property start (pop md)
'face 'completions-common-part
start (pop md)
nil str)
(setq start (pop md)))
(funcall update-score len len)
(put-text-property start end
'face 'completions-common-part
start end
nil str)
(if (> (length str) pos)
(put-text-property pos (1+ pos)
'face 'completions-first-difference
pos (1+ pos)
nil str))
(unless (zerop (length str))
0 1 'completion-score
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