Commit 485dbcf2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Explain when user-mail-address is set.

parent 9b04b1b7
......@@ -759,8 +759,10 @@ indicating whether the privilege is currently enabled.
@defvar user-mail-address
This holds the nominal email address of the user who is using Emacs.
When Emacs starts up, it computes a default value that is usually right,
but users often set this themselves when the default value is not right.
Emacs normally sets this variable to a default value after reading your
init files, but not if you have already set it. So you can set the
variable to some other value in your @file{~/.emacs} file if you do not
want to use the default value.
@end defvar
@defun user-login-name &optional uid
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