Commit 486eebac authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Small fix for he-line-search-regexp

* lisp/hippie-exp.el (he-line-search-regexp):
Handle comint-prompt-regexp containing subgroups.

Fixes: debbugs:17529
parent 903204bb
2014-05-23 Glenn Morris <>
* hippie-exp.el (he-line-search-regexp):
Handle comint-prompt-regexp containing subgroups. (Bug#17529)
2014-05-23 Stephen Berman <>
* calendar/todo-mode.el: Remove dependence on auto-mode-alist,
......@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@ string). It returns t if a new completion is found, nil otherwise."
(defun he-line-search-regexp (pat strip-prompt)
(if strip-prompt
(concat "\\(" comint-prompt-regexp "\\|^\\s-*\\)\\("
(concat "\\(" comint-prompt-regexp "\\|^\\s-*\\)\\(?2:"
(regexp-quote pat)
"[^\n]*[^ \t\n]\\)")
(concat "^\\(\\s-*\\)\\("
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