Commit 48829cba authored by Alan Third's avatar Alan Third

Handle NSAttributedString inputs (bug#29837)

; Do not merge to master.

* src/nsterm.m (EmacsView::insertText): Handle NSAttributedString.
parent 0deab3fb
......@@ -6317,11 +6317,18 @@ flag set (this is probably a bug in the OS).
by doCommandBySelector: deleteBackward: */
- (void)insertText: (id)aString
NSString *s = aString;
NSUInteger len = [s length];
NSString *s;
NSUInteger len;
NSTRACE ("[EmacsView insertText:]");
if ([aString isKindOfClass:[NSAttributedString class]])
s = [aString string];
s = aString;
len = [s length];
NSLog (@"insertText '%@'\tlen = %lu", aString, (unsigned long) len);
processingCompose = NO;
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