Commit 4889fc82 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* insdel.c (signal_before_change): Now static.

parent 77382fcc
......@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@
However, leave prepare_to_modify_buffer alone. It's never
called from outside this function, but that appears to be a bug.
(combine_after_change_list, combine_after_change_buffer):
(adjust_after_replace): Now static.
(adjust_after_replace, signal_before_change): Now static.
(adjust_after_replace_noundo): Remove; unused.
* lisp.h (adjust_after_replace, adjust_after_replace_noundo):
Remove decls.
(signal_before_change): Remove decls.
* indent.c (val_compute_motion, val_vmotion): Now static.
......@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@ static Lisp_Object combine_after_change_list;
static Lisp_Object combine_after_change_buffer;
Lisp_Object Qinhibit_modification_hooks;
static void signal_before_change (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT *);
#define CHECK_MARKERS() \
do \
......@@ -1997,7 +1999,7 @@ reset_var_on_error (Lisp_Object val)
If PRESERVE_PTR is nonzero, we relocate *PRESERVE_PTR
by holding its value temporarily in a marker. */
static void
signal_before_change (EMACS_INT start_int, EMACS_INT end_int,
EMACS_INT *preserve_ptr)
......@@ -2568,7 +2568,6 @@ extern Lisp_Object del_range_2 (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT,
extern void modify_region (struct buffer *, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, int);
extern void prepare_to_modify_buffer (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT *);
extern void signal_before_change (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT *);
extern void signal_after_change (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT);
extern void adjust_after_insert (EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT, EMACS_INT,
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