Commit 48b62d10 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(w32_createwindow): If `left' and/or `top' frame parameters are bound to some

values, use that instead of CW_USEDEFAULT.
parent 04437a8f
......@@ -2066,6 +2066,7 @@ w32_createwindow (f)
HWND hwnd;
RECT rect;
Lisp_Object top, left;
rect.left = = 0;
rect.right = FRAME_PIXEL_WIDTH (f);
......@@ -2081,12 +2082,17 @@ w32_createwindow (f)
w32_init_class (hinst);
/* When called with RES_TYPE_NUMBER, w32_get_arg will return zero
for anything that is not a number and is not Qunbound. */
left = w32_get_arg (Qnil, Qleft, "left", "Left", RES_TYPE_NUMBER);
top = w32_get_arg (Qnil, Qtop, "top", "Top", RES_TYPE_NUMBER);
FRAME_W32_WINDOW (f) = hwnd
= CreateWindow (EMACS_CLASS,
f->output_data.w32->dwStyle | WS_CLIPCHILDREN,
EQ (left, Qunbound) ? CW_USEDEFAULT : XINT (left),
EQ (top, Qunbound) ? CW_USEDEFAULT : XINT (top),
rect.right - rect.left,
rect.bottom -,
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