Commit 48e5b471 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Add debug-ignored-errors.

(Info-mode-menu): Add some items.
(Info-directory): Add autoload cookie.
parent 506c6d61
......@@ -1136,6 +1136,7 @@ If SAME-FILE is non-nil, do not move to a different Info file."
(setq Info-history (cdr Info-history))
(goto-char opoint)))
(defun Info-directory ()
"Go to the Info directory node."
......@@ -1893,14 +1894,33 @@ If no reference to follow, moves to the next node, or up if none."
(easy-menu-define Info-mode-menu Info-mode-map
"Menu for info files."
["Up" Info-up (Info-check-pointer "up")]
["Next" Info-next (Info-check-pointer "next")]
["Previous" Info-prev (Info-check-pointer "prev[ious]*")]
["Up" Info-up (Info-check-pointer "up")
:help "Go up in the Info tree"]
["Next" Info-next (Info-check-pointer "next")
:help "Go to the next node"]
["Previous" Info-prev (Info-check-pointer "prev[ious]*")
:help "Go to the previous node"]
["Backward" Info-backward-node t
:help "Go backward one node, considering all as a sequence"]
["Forward" Info-forward-node t
:help "Go forward one node, considering all as a sequence"]
["Top" Info-top-node t
:help "Go to top node of file"]
["Final node" Info-final-node t
:help "Go to final node in this file"]
("Menu item" ["You should never see this" report-emacs-bug t])
("Reference" ["You should never see this" report-emacs-bug t])
["Search..." Info-search t]
["Goto node..." Info-goto-node t]
["Last" Info-last Info-history]
["Search..." Info-search t
:help "Search for regular expression in this Info file"]
["Goto node..." Info-goto-node t
:help "Go to a named node]"]
["Last" Info-last Info-history
:help "Go to the last node you were at"]
["Lookup a String" Info-index t
:help "Look for a string in the index items"]
["Next Matching Item" Info-index-next t
:help "Look for another occurrence of previous item"])
["Exit" Info-exit t]))
(defvar Info-menu-last-node nil)
......@@ -2497,6 +2517,12 @@ BUFFER is the buffer speedbar is requesting buttons for."
(Info-speedbar-hierarchy-buttons nil 0)
(dolist (mess '("^Node has no Previous$"
"^No menu in this node$"
"^Node has no Next$"
"^No \".*\" in index$"))
(add-to-list 'debug-ignored-errors mess))
(provide 'info)
;;; info.el ends here
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