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84: Where can I get Emacs for my PC running Microsoft Windows?
* If you compile GNU Emacs with the tools listed above, it will run under
Microsoft Windows in a DOS box.
GNU Emacs has been fully ported to Windows NT and Windows 95/98.
If you have MSVC 4.0 or greater, then you can compile GNU Emacs
directly from the source distribution. First read the file
nt/README, and then the file nt/INSTALL, for step by step
instructions on how to compile and install GNU Emacs on your system.
You can also download precompiled distributions of GNU Emacs from:
There are currently two other ports of Emacs that runs under Microsoft
* Oemacs
If you need the gunzip and tar utilities for unpacking distributions,
you can download precompiled versions from:
Current version of Oemacs4.1 is based on Emacs-19.19 and runs in either
MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows. There is rumor that the author Darryl
Okahata <> would not update unless there is
demonstrated interest. It is nearly a full porting of GNU Emacs except
that shell-mode does not work due to the limitation of MS-DOS.
Anonymous ftp information:
For more information on configuring your favorite package to run with
GNU Emacs on Windows NT/95/98, see the following FAQ:
* The other uses a proprietary X Windows emulator and therefore
the FSF does not think it deserves publicity.
If you are running Windows 3.11, and if you compile GNU Emacs for MSDOS
with the tools listed in the previous question, it will run under
Microsoft Windows in a DOS box.
85: Where can I get Emacs for my PC running OS/2?
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