Commit 48ffe14f authored by Carsten Dominik's avatar Carsten Dominik
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Version number change

parent 09308e63
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
(defvar mark-active)
(defvar zmacs-regions)
(defvar transient-mark-mode)
(defun reftex-index-selection-or-word (&optional arg)
"Put selection or the word near point into the default index macro.
This uses the information in `reftex-index-default-macro' to make an index
......@@ -1995,6 +1995,15 @@ When DIE is non-nil, throw an error if file not found."
(setq list (cdr list)))
(nreverse rtn)))
(defun reftex-uniquify (list)
;; Return a list of all elements in LIST, but each only once
(let (new elm)
(while list
(setq elm (pop list))
(unless (member elm new)
(push elm new)))
(nreverse new)))
(defun reftex-uniquify-by-car (alist &optional keep-list)
;; Return a list of all elements in ALIST, but each car only once.
;; Elements of KEEP-LIST are not removed even if duplicate.
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