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(Standard Hooks): Document `suspend-tty-functions' and `resume-tty-functions'.

parent 62a5303f
......@@ -4,16 +4,21 @@
* hooks.texi (Standard Hooks): Document `delete-frame-functions'
and `delete-terminal-functions'.
`delete-terminal-functions', `suspend-tty-functions' and
* frames.texi (Frames): Document `frame-terminal' and
(Multiple Displays): Document `make-frame-on-tty'.
(Multiple Terminals): Document `terminal-list', `delete-terminal',
`terminal-name', and `get-device-terminal'.
(Terminal Parameters): Document `terminal-parameters',
`terminal-parameter', and `set-terminal-parameter'.
* os.texi (System Environment): Document `environment' and
(Suspending Emacs): Update for multi-tty; document
`suspend-tty', `resume-tty', and `controlling-tty-p'.
* nonascii.texi (Coding System Basics): More accurate description
of `raw-text'.
......@@ -292,6 +292,9 @@ Manual}.
@item redisplay-end-trigger-functions
@xref{Window Hooks}.
@item resume-tty-functions
@xref{Suspending Emacs}.
@item scheme-indent-function
@item suspend-hook
......@@ -300,6 +303,9 @@ Manual}.
@item suspend-resume-hook
@xref{Suspending Emacs}.
@item suspend-tty-functions
@xref{Suspending Emacs}.
@item temp-buffer-setup-hook
@xref{Temporary Displays}.
......@@ -1683,6 +1683,7 @@ type (`tty-type' parameter) to `make-terminal-frame'.
*** The function `make-frame-on-display' now works during a tty
*** A new `terminal' data type.
The functions `get-device-terminal', `terminal-parameters',
`terminal-parameter', `set-terminal-parameter' use this data type.
......@@ -1698,24 +1699,31 @@ which is not used directly any more.
variable file-local-variables-alist, and before actually applying the
file-local variables.
**** `suspend-tty-functions' and `resume-tty-functions' are called
after a tty frame has been suspended or resumed, respectively. The
functions are called with the terminal id of the frame being
suspended/resumed as a parameter.
**** The special hook `delete-terminal-functions' is called before
deleting a terminal.
*** New functions:
**** `environment'
**** `delete-tty'
**** `delete-terminal'
**** `suspend-tty'
**** `resume-tty'.
*** `initial-environment' holds the environment inherited from Emacs's parent.
** Redisplay changes
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