Commit 4917006b authored by Joakim Verona's avatar Joakim Verona

mostly cosmetic, moving { instances, changing indentation accordingly.

parent c05c21ed
......@@ -702,9 +702,9 @@ shall be displayed."
(defun imagemagick-register-types ()
"Register file types that imagemagick is able to handle."
(let ((im-types (imagemagick-types)))
(dolist im-inhibit
(dolist (im-inhibit imagemagick-types-inhibit)
(setq im-types (remove im-inhibit im-types)))
(dolist im-type im-types
(dolist (im-type im-types)
(let ((extension (downcase (symbol-name im-type))))
(cons (concat "\\." extension "\\'") 'image-mode)
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