Commit 491c2516 authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn
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(SMBP): Deleted. All uses changed to STRING_MULTIBYTE.

(SET_STRING_BYTES): Deleted.  Callers (all of which supplied a length of -1)
changed to use STRING_SET_UNIBYTE.
parent af2b7cc9
......@@ -545,7 +545,6 @@ extern Lisp_Object make_number ();
#define SDATA(string) XSTRING (string)->data
#define SCHARS(string) XSTRING (string)->size
#define SBYTES(string) STRING_BYTES (XSTRING (string))
#define SMBP(string) STRING_MULTIBYTE (string)
/* Basic data type for use of intervals. See the macros in intervals.h. */
......@@ -681,8 +680,11 @@ extern int string_bytes P_ ((struct Lisp_String *));
#endif /* not GC_CHECK_STRING_BYTES */
/* Set the length in bytes of STR. */
#define SET_STRING_BYTES(STR, SIZE) ((STR)->size_byte = (SIZE))
/* Mark STR as a unibyte string. */
#define STRING_SET_UNIBYTE(STR) (XSTRING (STR)->size_byte = -1)
/* Get text properties. */
#define STRING_INTERVALS(STR) (XSTRING (STR)->intervals)
/* In a string or vector, the sign bit of the `size' is the gc mark bit */
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