Commit 493a1978 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Make tty-menu-open-use-tmm a defcustom, update tmm docs accordingly.

parent 1f16a64c
......@@ -2340,9 +2340,16 @@ If nil, the current mouse position is used."
"Keymap used while processing TTY menus.")
;; FIXME: Make this a defcustom!
(defvar tty-menu-open-use-tmm nil
"If non-nil, menu-bar-open on a TTY will invoke `tmm-menubar'.")
(defcustom tty-menu-open-use-tmm nil
"If non-nil, \\[menu-bar-open] on a TTY will invoke `tmm-menubar'.
If nil, \\[menu-bar-open] will drop down the menu corresponding to the
first (leftmost) menu-bar item; you can select other items by typing
\\[forward-char], \\[backward-char], \\[right-char] and \\[left-char]."
:type '(choice (const :tag "F10 drops down TTY menus" nil)
(const :tag "F10 invokes tmm-menubar" t))
:group 'display
:version "24.4")
(defvar tty-menu--initial-menu-x 10
"X coordinate of the first menu-bar menu dropped by F10.
......@@ -50,7 +50,11 @@
"Text-mode emulation of looking and choosing from a menubar.
See the documentation for `tmm-prompt'.
X-POSITION, if non-nil, specifies a horizontal position within the menu bar;
we make that menu bar item (the one at that position) the default choice."
we make that menu bar item (the one at that position) the default choice.
Note that \\[menu-bar-open] by default drops down TTY menus; if you want it
to invoke `tmm-menubar' instead, customize the variable
\`tty-menu-open-use-tmm' to a non-nil value."
(run-hooks 'menu-bar-update-hook)
;; Obey menu-bar-final-items; put those items last.
......@@ -1064,7 +1064,10 @@ Value is the symbol of the menu at X/Y, or nil if the specified
coordinates are not within the FRAME's menu bar. The symbol can
be used to look up the menu like this:
(lookup-key global-map [menu-bar SYMBOL])
(lookup-key MAP [menu-bar SYMBOL])
where MAP is either the current global map or the current local map,
since menu-bar items come from both.
This function can return non-nil only on a text-terminal frame
or on an X frame that doesn't use any GUI toolkit. Otherwise,
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