Commit 49854566 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(read_avail_input): Check for failure with EIO.

parent a5f32ce4
......@@ -4924,6 +4924,13 @@ read_avail_input (expected)
nread = read (input_fd, cbuf, n_to_read);
/* POSIX infers that processes which are not in the session leader's
process group won't get SIGHUP's at logout time. BSDI adheres to
this part standard and returns -1 from read(0) with errno==EIO
when the control tty is taken away.
Jeffrey Honig <> says this is generally safe. */
if (nread == -1 && errno == EIO)
kill (0, SIGHUP);
#if defined (AIX) && (! defined (aix386) && defined (_BSD))
/* The kernel sometimes fails to deliver SIGHUP for ptys.
This looks incorrect, but it isn't, because _BSD causes
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