Commit 49d41073 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Qfullscreen, Qfullwidth, Qfullheight, Qfullboth): New variables.

(syms_of_xfns): Intern and staticpro them.
(x_frame_parms) <"fullscreen">: New parameter.
(x_fullscreen_move, x_set_fullscreen): New functions.
(x_set_frame_parameters): Support for Qfullscreen.
(x_real_positions): More accurate computation of the frame position.
(x_figure_window_size): Support full-screen frames.
(Fx_create_frame): Default the fullscreen parameter.
parent 53823ab9
......@@ -219,6 +219,10 @@ Lisp_Object Qscroll_bar_foreground, Qscroll_bar_background;
Lisp_Object Qscreen_gamma, Qline_spacing, Qcenter;
Lisp_Object Qcompound_text, Qcancel_timer;
Lisp_Object Qwait_for_wm;
Lisp_Object Qfullscreen;
Lisp_Object Qfullwidth;
Lisp_Object Qfullheight;
Lisp_Object Qfullboth;
/* The below are defined in frame.c. */
......@@ -733,6 +737,7 @@ static void x_disable_image P_ ((struct frame *, struct image *));
void x_set_foreground_color P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
static void x_set_line_spacing P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
static void x_set_wait_for_wm P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
static void x_set_fullscreen P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
void x_set_background_color P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
void x_set_mouse_color P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
void x_set_cursor_color P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
......@@ -805,7 +810,9 @@ static struct x_frame_parm_table x_frame_parms[] =
{"line-spacing", x_set_line_spacing},
{"left-fringe", x_set_fringe_width},
{"right-fringe", x_set_fringe_width},
{"wait-for-wm", x_set_wait_for_wm}
{"wait-for-wm", x_set_wait_for_wm},
{"fullscreen", x_set_fullscreen},
/* Attach the `x-frame-parameter' properties to
......@@ -821,6 +828,28 @@ init_x_parm_symbols ()
make_number (i));
/* Really try to move where we want to be in case of fullscreen. Some WMs
moves the window where we tell them. Some (mwm, twm) moves the outer
window manager window there instead.
Try to compensate for those WM here. */
static void
x_fullscreen_move (f, new_top, new_left)
struct frame *f;
int new_top;
int new_left;
if (new_top != f->output_data.x->top_pos
|| new_left != f->output_data.x->left_pos)
int move_x = new_left + f->output_data.x->x_pixels_outer_diff;
int move_y = new_top + f->output_data.x->y_pixels_outer_diff;
f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen |= FULLSCREEN_MOVE_WAIT;
x_set_offset (f, move_x, move_y, 1);
/* Change the parameters of frame F as specified by ALIST.
If a parameter is not specially recognized, do nothing special;
otherwise call the `x_set_...' function for that parameter.
......@@ -900,6 +929,7 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
They are independent of other properties, but other properties (e.g.,
cursor_color) are dependent upon them. */
/* Process default font as well, since fringe widths depends on it. */
/* Also, process fullscreen, width and height depend upon that */
for (p = 0; p < i; p++)
Lisp_Object prop, val;
......@@ -908,7 +938,8 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
val = values[p];
if (EQ (prop, Qforeground_color)
|| EQ (prop, Qbackground_color)
|| EQ (prop, Qfont))
|| EQ (prop, Qfont)
|| EQ (prop, Qfullscreen))
register Lisp_Object param_index, old_value;
......@@ -949,7 +980,8 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
icon_left = val;
else if (EQ (prop, Qforeground_color)
|| EQ (prop, Qbackground_color)
|| EQ (prop, Qfont))
|| EQ (prop, Qfont)
|| EQ (prop, Qfullscreen))
/* Processed above. */
......@@ -1002,6 +1034,23 @@ x_set_frame_parameters (f, alist)
XSETINT (icon_top, 0);
/* If the frame is visible already and the fullscreen parameter is
being set, it is too late to set WM manager hints to specify
size and position.
Here we first get the width, height and position that applies to
fullscreen. We then move the frame to the appropriate
position. Resize of the frame is taken care of in the code after
this if-statement.
If fullscreen is not specified, x_fullscreen_adjust returns
the current parameters and then x_fullscreen_move does nothing. */
int new_left, new_top;
x_fullscreen_adjust (f, &width, &height, &new_top, &new_left);
x_fullscreen_move (f, new_top, new_left);
/* Don't set these parameters unless they've been explicitly
specified. The window might be mapped or resized while we're in
this function, and we don't want to override that unless the lisp
......@@ -1104,70 +1153,109 @@ x_real_positions (f, xptr, yptr)
int *xptr, *yptr;
int win_x, win_y;
Window child;
int win_x, win_y, outer_x, outer_y;
int real_x = 0, real_y = 0;
int had_errors = 0;
Window win = f->output_data.x->parent_desc;
/* This is pretty gross, but seems to be the easiest way out of
the problem that arises when restarting window-managers. */
int count;
Window outer = (f->output_data.x->widget
? XtWindow (f->output_data.x->widget)
Window outer = f->output_data.x->window_desc;
Window tmp_root_window;
Window *tmp_children;
unsigned int tmp_nchildren;
count = x_catch_errors (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f));
while (1)
if (win == FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window)
/* This loop traverses up the containment tree until we hit the root
window. Window managers may intersect many windows between our window
and the root window. The window we find just before the root window
should be the outer WM window. */
for (;;)
int count = x_catch_errors (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f));
Window outer_window;
Window wm_window, rootw;
Window *tmp_children;
unsigned int tmp_nchildren;
XQueryTree (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), outer, &tmp_root_window,
&tmp_children, &tmp_nchildren);
XQueryTree (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), win, &rootw,
&wm_window, &tmp_children, &tmp_nchildren);
XFree ((char *) tmp_children);
win_x = win_y = 0;
had_errors = x_had_errors_p (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f));
/* Find the position of the outside upper-left corner of
the inner window, with respect to the outer window. */
if (f->output_data.x->parent_desc != FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window)
outer_window = f->output_data.x->parent_desc;
outer_window = outer;
if (wm_window == rootw || had_errors)
win = wm_window;
if (! had_errors)
int ign;
Window child, rootw;
/* Get the real coordinates for the WM window upper left corner */
XGetGeometry (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), win,
&rootw, &real_x, &real_y, &ign, &ign, &ign, &ign);
/* Translate real coordinates to coordinates relative to our
window. For our window, the upper left corner is 0, 0.
Since the upper left corner of the WM window is outside
our window, win_x and win_y will be negative:
------------------ ---> x
| title |
| ----------------- v y
| | our window
XTranslateCoordinates (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f),
/* From-window, to-window. */
FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window,
/* From-position, to-position. */
0, 0, &win_x, &win_y,
real_x, real_y, &win_x, &win_y,
/* Child of win. */
/* It is possible for the window returned by the XQueryNotify
to become invalid by the time we call XTranslateCoordinates.
That can happen when you restart some window managers.
If so, we get an error in XTranslateCoordinates.
Detect that and try the whole thing over. */
if (! x_had_errors_p (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f)))
x_uncatch_errors (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), count);
outer_x = win_x;
outer_y = win_y;
XTranslateCoordinates (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f),
x_uncatch_errors (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), count);
/* From-window, to-window. */
FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window,
/* From-position, to-position. */
real_x, real_y, &outer_x, &outer_y,
/* Child of win. */
*xptr = win_x;
*yptr = win_y;
had_errors = x_had_errors_p (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f));
x_uncatch_errors (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), count);
if (had_errors) return;
f->output_data.x->x_pixels_diff = -win_x;
f->output_data.x->y_pixels_diff = -win_y;
f->output_data.x->x_pixels_outer_diff = -outer_x;
f->output_data.x->y_pixels_outer_diff = -outer_y;
*xptr = real_x;
*yptr = real_y;
/* Insert a description of internally-recorded parameters of frame X
......@@ -1351,6 +1439,25 @@ x_set_wait_for_wm (f, new_value, old_value)
/* Change the `fullscreen' frame parameter of frame F. OLD_VALUE is
the previous value of that parameter, NEW_VALUE is the new value. */
static void
x_set_fullscreen (f, new_value, old_value)
struct frame *f;
Lisp_Object new_value, old_value;
if (NILP (new_value))
f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen = FULLSCREEN_NONE;
else if (EQ (new_value, Qfullboth))
f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen = FULLSCREEN_BOTH;
else if (EQ (new_value, Qfullwidth))
f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen = FULLSCREEN_WIDTH;
else if (EQ (new_value, Qfullheight))
f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen = FULLSCREEN_HEIGHT;
/* Change the `screen-gamma' frame parameter of frame F. OLD_VALUE is
the previous value of that parameter, NEW_VALUE is the new
value. */
......@@ -3217,6 +3324,22 @@ x_figure_window_size (f, parms)
window_prompting |= PPosition;
if (f->output_data.x->want_fullscreen != FULLSCREEN_NONE)
int left, top;
int width, height;
/* It takes both for some WM:s to place it where we want */
window_prompting = USPosition | PPosition;
x_fullscreen_adjust (f, &width, &height, &top, &left);
f->width = width;
f->height = height;
f->output_data.x->pixel_width = CHAR_TO_PIXEL_WIDTH (f, f->width);
f->output_data.x->pixel_height = CHAR_TO_PIXEL_HEIGHT (f, f->height);
f->output_data.x->left_pos = left;
f->output_data.x->top_pos = top;
return window_prompting;
......@@ -4413,6 +4536,8 @@ This function is an internal primitive--use `make-frame' instead. */)
"title", "Title", RES_TYPE_STRING);
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qwait_for_wm, Qt,
"waitForWM", "WaitForWM", RES_TYPE_BOOLEAN);
x_default_parameter (f, parms, Qfullscreen, Qnil,
"fullscreen", "Fullscreen", RES_TYPE_SYMBOL);
f->output_data.x->parent_desc = FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (f)->root_window;
......@@ -11760,6 +11885,14 @@ syms_of_xfns ()
staticpro (&Qcancel_timer);
Qwait_for_wm = intern ("wait-for-wm");
staticpro (&Qwait_for_wm);
Qfullscreen = intern ("fullscreen");
staticpro (&Qfullscreen);
Qfullwidth = intern ("fullwidth");
staticpro (&Qfullwidth);
Qfullheight = intern ("fullheight");
staticpro (&Qfullheight);
Qfullboth = intern ("fullboth");
staticpro (&Qfullboth);
/* This is the end of symbol initialization. */
/* Text property `display' should be nonsticky by default. */
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