Commit 4a1b7052 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(widget-default-create): Move ?h handling here...

(widget-default-format-handler): ...from here.
(widget-docstring, widget-add-documentation-string-button): New funs.
(documentation-string): Add :visibility-widget property.
(widget-documentation-string-value-create): Use it.
parent 12bafdaa
......@@ -1491,6 +1491,8 @@ If that does not exists, call the value of `widget-complete-field'."
(delete-backward-char 1))
(insert ?\n)
(setq doc-end (point)))))
((eq escape ?h)
(widget-add-documentation-string-button widget))
((eq escape ?v)
(if (and button-begin (not button-end))
(widget-apply widget :value-create)
......@@ -1516,44 +1518,7 @@ If that does not exists, call the value of `widget-complete-field'."
(defun widget-default-format-handler (widget escape)
;; We recognize the %h escape by default.
(let* ((buttons (widget-get widget :buttons)))
(cond ((eq escape ?h)
(let* ((doc-property (widget-get widget :documentation-property))
(doc-try (cond ((widget-get widget :doc))
((functionp doc-property)
(funcall doc-property
(widget-get widget :value)))
((symbolp doc-property)
(widget-get widget :value)
(doc-text (and (stringp doc-try)
(> (length doc-try) 1)
(doc-indent (widget-get widget :documentation-indent)))
(when doc-text
(and (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)
(widget-get widget :indent)
(insert-char ?\s (widget-get widget :indent)))
;; The `*' in the beginning is redundant.
(when (eq (aref doc-text 0) ?*)
(setq doc-text (substring doc-text 1)))
;; Get rid of trailing newlines.
(when (string-match "\n+\\'" doc-text)
(setq doc-text (substring doc-text 0 (match-beginning 0))))
(push (widget-create-child-and-convert
widget 'documentation-string
:indent (cond ((numberp doc-indent )
((null doc-indent)
(t 0))
(error "Unknown escape `%c'" escape)))
(widget-put widget :buttons buttons)))
(error "Unknown escape `%c'" escape))
(defun widget-default-button-face-get (widget)
;; Use :button-face or widget-button-face
......@@ -1665,13 +1630,32 @@ If that does not exists, call the value of `widget-complete-field'."
(widget-default-action widget event))
(defun widget-default-prompt-value (widget prompt value unbound)
"Read an arbitrary value. Stolen from `set-variable'."
;; (let ((initial (if unbound
;; nil
;; It would be nice if we could do a `(cons val 1)' here.
;; (prin1-to-string (custom-quote value))))))
"Read an arbitrary value."
(eval-minibuffer prompt))
(defun widget-docstring (widget)
"Return the documentation string specificied by WIDGET, or nil if none.
If WIDGET has a `:doc' property, that specifies the documentation string.
Otherwise, try the `:documentation-property' property. If this
is a function, call it with the widget's value as an argument; if
it is a symbol, use this symbol together with the widget's value
as the argument to `documentation-property'."
(let ((doc (or (widget-get widget :doc)
(let ((doc-prop (widget-get widget :documentation-property))
(value (widget-get widget :value)))
(cond ((functionp doc-prop)
(funcall doc-prop value))
((symbolp doc-prop)
(documentation-property value doc-prop)))))))
(when (and (stringp doc) (> (length doc) 0))
;; Remove any redundant `*' in the beginning.
(when (eq (aref doc 0) ?*)
(setq doc (substring doc 1)))
;; Remove trailing newlines.
(when (string-match "\n+\\'" doc)
(setq doc (substring doc 0 (match-beginning 0))))
;;; The `item' Widget.
(define-widget 'item 'default
......@@ -2913,7 +2897,8 @@ link for that string."
"A documentation string."
:format "%v"
:action 'widget-documentation-string-action
:value-create 'widget-documentation-string-value-create)
:value-create 'widget-documentation-string-value-create
:visibility-widget 'visibility)
(defun widget-documentation-string-value-create (widget)
;; Insert documentation string.
......@@ -2929,7 +2914,7 @@ link for that string."
(widget-documentation-link-add widget start (point))
(setq button
widget 'visibility
widget (widget-get widget :visibility-widget)
:help-echo "Show or hide rest of the documentation."
:on "Hide Rest"
:off "More"
......@@ -2954,6 +2939,30 @@ link for that string."
(not (widget-get parent :documentation-shown))))
;; Redraw.
(widget-value-set widget (widget-value widget)))
(defun widget-add-documentation-string-button (widget &rest args)
"Insert a new `documentation-string' widget based on WIDGET.
The new widget becomes a child of WIDGET, and is also added to
its `:buttons' list. The documentation string is found from
WIDGET using the function `widget-docstring'.
Optional ARGS specifies additional keyword arguments for the
`documentation-string' widget."
(let ((doc (widget-docstring widget))
(indent (widget-get widget :indent))
(doc-indent (widget-get widget :documentation-indent)))
(when doc
(and (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)
(insert-char ?\s indent))
(unless (or (numberp doc-indent) (null doc-indent))
(setq doc-indent 0))
(setq indent (widget-get widget :documentation-indent))
(widget-put widget :buttons
(cons (apply 'widget-create-child-and-convert
widget 'documentation-string
:indent indent
(nconc args (list doc)))
(widget-get widget :buttons))))))
;;; The Sexp Widgets.
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