Commit 4a4c24d0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(redisplay_window): Fix computing pos from last_point.

parent 0c10ee28
......@@ -2033,14 +2033,16 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one, preserve_echo_area)
int last_point = XFASTINT (w->last_point);
int last_point_byte = CHAR_TO_BYTE (last_point);
int tab_offset = (pos_tab_offset (w, last_point, last_point_byte)
- (last_point_x + hscroll - !! hscroll));
pos = *compute_motion (last_point, last_point_y, last_point_x, 0,
PT, height,
/* BUG FIX: See the comment of
/* BUG FIX: See the comment of
Fpos_visible_in_window_p (window.c). */
- (1 << (BITS_PER_SHORT - 1)),
width, hscroll,
pos_tab_offset (w, last_point, last_point_byte),
......@@ -3048,9 +3050,10 @@ fix_glyph (f, glyph, cface)
/* Return the column of position POS / POS_BYTE in window W's buffer.
The result is rounded down to a multiple of the internal width of W.
This is the amount of indentation of position POS
that is not visible in its horizontal position in the window. */
When used on the character at the beginning of a line,
starting at column 0, this says how much to subtract from
the column position of any character in the line
to get its horizontal position on the screen. */
static int
pos_tab_offset (w, pos, pos_byte)
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