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Talk about auto save.

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......@@ -558,6 +558,24 @@ to replace it with--each one ended with a Return.
after the cursor.
When you have made changes in a file, but you have not saved them yet,
they could be lost if your computer crashes. To protect you from
this, Emacs writes "auto save" files periodically. The auto save file
name as a # at the beginning and the end; for example, if your file is
named "hello.c", its auto save file's name is "#hello.c#". When you
save the file in the normal way, its auto save file is no longer
necessary so Emacs deletes it.
If the computer crashes, you can recover your auto-saved editing by
finding the file normally (the file you were editing, not the auto
save file) and then typing M-x recover file<return>. When it asks for
confirmation, type yes<return> to go ahead and recover the auto-save
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