Commit 4a6c7bb8 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* doc.c (store_function_docstring): Fix last change.

parent 2d16b285
......@@ -502,12 +502,12 @@ aren't strings. */)
/* Scanning the DOC files and placing docstring offsets into functions. */
static void
store_function_docstring (Lisp_Object sym, EMACS_INT offset)
store_function_docstring (Lisp_Object obj, EMACS_INT offset)
/* Use EMACS_INT because we get offset from pointer subtraction. */
/* Don't use indirect_function here, or defaliases will apply their
docstrings to the base functions (Bug#2603). */
Lisp_Object fun = XSYMBOL (sym)->function;
Lisp_Object fun = SYMBOLP (obj) ? XSYMBOL (obj)->function : obj;
/* The type determines where the docstring is stored. */
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