Commit 4a6c9bec authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(apropos-documentation-check-doc-file): Exclude unbound functions and

variables, since they must be stuff specific to some other platform.
(apropos-print): Make mouse-click message less specific about button.
parent 7ab5d780
......@@ -840,7 +840,14 @@ Returns list of symbols and documentation found."
3) ; variable documentation
symbol (read)
doc (buffer-substring (1+ (point)) (1- sepb)))
(when (apropos-true-hit-doc doc)
(when (and (apropos-true-hit-doc doc)
;; The DOC file lists all built-in funcs and vars.
;; If any are not currently bound, they can
;; only be platform-specific stuff (eg NS) not
;; in use on the current platform.
;; So we exclude them.
(cond ((= 3 type) (boundp symbol))
((= 2 type) (fboundp symbol))))
(or (and (setq apropos-item (assq symbol apropos-accumulator))
(setcar (cdr apropos-item)
(apropos-score-doc doc)))
......@@ -976,8 +983,7 @@ If non-nil TEXT is a string that will be printed as a heading."
"If moving the mouse over text changes the text's color, "
"you can click\n"
"mouse-2 (second button from right) on that text to "
"get more information.\n"))
"or press return on that text to get more information.\n"))
(insert "In this buffer, go to the name of the command, or function,"
" or variable,\n"
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