Commit 4ab15c3e authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv
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* image.c (xpm_make_color_table_h): Change to hashtest_equal.

parent f5925cd9
2012-11-09 Jan Djärv <>
* image.c (xpm_make_color_table_h): Change to hashtest_equal.
* nsfont.m (Qcondensed, Qexpanded): New variables.
(ns_descriptor_to_entity): Restore Qcondensed, Qexpanded setting.
(syms_of_nsfont): Defsym Qcondensed, Qexpanded.
......@@ -3731,7 +3731,7 @@ xpm_make_color_table_h (void (**put_func) (Lisp_Object,
*put_func = xpm_put_color_table_h;
*get_func = xpm_get_color_table_h;
return make_hash_table (hashtest_eql, make_number (DEFAULT_HASH_SIZE),
return make_hash_table (hashtest_equal, make_number (DEFAULT_HASH_SIZE),
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