Commit 4ab3241e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(Commentary): Point to calendar.el.

(calendar-string-to-mayan-long-count, calendar-goto-mayan-long-count-date):
parent 551c8f1a
......@@ -28,28 +28,7 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; This collection of functions implements the features of calendar.el and
;; diary.el that deal with the Mayan calendar. It was written jointly by
;; Stewart M. Clamen School of Computer Science
;; Carnegie Mellon University
;; 5000 Forbes Avenue
;; Pittsburgh, PA 15213
;; and
;; Edward M. Reingold Department of Computer Science
;; (217) 333-6733 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
;; 1304 West Springfield Avenue
;; Urbana, Illinois 61801
;; Technical details of the Mayan calendrical calculations can be found in
;; ``Calendrical Calculations: The Millennium Edition'' by Edward M. Reingold
;; and Nachum Dershowitz, Cambridge University Press (2001), and in
;; ``Calendrical Calculations, Part II: Three Historical Calendars''
;; by E. M. Reingold, N. Dershowitz, and S. M. Clamen,
;; Software--Practice and Experience, Volume 23, Number 4 (April, 1993),
;; pages 383-404.
;; See calendar.el.
;;; Code:
......@@ -96,20 +75,17 @@ but some use 1137140. Using 1232041 gives you Spinden's correlation; using
(defun calendar-string-to-mayan-long-count (str)
"Given STR, a string of format \"%d.%d.%d.%d.%d\", return list of numbers."
(let ((c (length str))
(cc 0)
(let ((end 0)
(condition-case condition
(condition-case nil
(while (< cc c)
(let* ((start (string-match "[0-9]+" str cc))
(end (match-end 0))
(datum (read (substring str start end))))
(setq rlc (cons datum rlc)
cc end)))
;; cf split-string.
(while (string-match "[0-9]+" str end)
(setq rlc (cons (string-to-number (match-string 0 str)) rlc)
end (match-end 0)))
(unless (= (length rlc) 5) (signal 'invalid-read-syntax nil)))
(invalid-read-syntax nil))
(reverse rlc)))
(nreverse rlc)))
(defun calendar-mayan-haab-from-absolute (date)
"Convert absolute DATE into a Mayan haab date (a pair)."
......@@ -361,18 +337,18 @@ Long count is a list (baktun katun tun uinal kin)"
"Move cursor to Mayan long count DATE.
Echo Mayan date unless NOECHO is non-nil."
(let (lc)
(while (not lc)
(let ((datum
(read-string "Mayan long count (baktun.katun.tun.uinal.kin): "
(if (calendar-mayan-long-count-common-era datum)
(setq lc datum))))
(list lc)))
(let (datum)
(while (not (setq datum
"Mayan long count (baktun.katun.tun.uinal.kin): "
datum (if (calendar-mayan-long-count-common-era datum)
(list datum)))))
(calendar-absolute-from-mayan-long-count date)))
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