Commit 4ac38690 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(defvar_kboard): Renamed from defvar_display.

parent e5f8af9e
......@@ -1908,18 +1908,18 @@ defvar_per_buffer (namestring, address, type, doc)
#endif /* standalone */
/* Similar but define a variable whose value is the Lisp Object stored
at a particular offset in the current perdisplay object. */
at a particular offset in the current kboard object. */
defvar_display (namestring, offset)
defvar_kboard (namestring, offset)
char *namestring;
int offset;
Lisp_Object sym, val;
sym = intern (namestring);
val = allocate_misc ();
XMISC (val)->type = Lisp_Misc_Display_Objfwd;
XDISPLAY_OBJFWD (val)->offset = offset;
XMISC (val)->type = Lisp_Misc_Kboard_Objfwd;
XKBOARD_OBJFWD (val)->offset = offset;
XSYMBOL (sym)->value = val;
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