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2005-09-17 Magnus Henoch <>
* textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-aspell-supports-utf8): New variable.
(ispell-check-version): Set ispell-aspell-supports-utf8 to t for
aspell versions >= 0.60.
(ispell-valid-dictionary-list): Call ispell-find-aspell-dictionaries
only if ispell-aspell-supports-utf8 is non-nil.
2005-09-17 Johan Bockg,Ae(Brd <>
* progmodes/scheme.el (scheme-mode-variables): Use setq to assign
2005-09-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* makefile.w32-in (INFO_TARGETS, DVI_TARGETS): Add newsticker targets.
(../info/newsticker, newsticker.dvi): New targets.
2005-09-17 Ulf Jasper <>
* newsticker.texi: Replace @command with @code. Replace @example
with @lisp.
(Top): Added explanations to menu items.
(GNU Free Documentation License): Removed.
2005-09-16 Romain Francoise <>
Update all files to specify GFDL version 1.2.
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