Commit 4ae7943d authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(x_get_local_selection): Use signal_error.

parent 336d4a9c
...@@ -594,11 +594,9 @@ x_get_local_selection (selection_symbol, target_type, local_request) ...@@ -594,11 +594,9 @@ x_get_local_selection (selection_symbol, target_type, local_request)
&& INTEGERP (XCAR (XCDR (check))) && INTEGERP (XCAR (XCDR (check)))
&& NILP (XCDR (XCDR (check)))))) && NILP (XCDR (XCDR (check))))))
return value; return value;
return signal_error ("Invalid data returned by selection-conversion function",
Fsignal (Qerror, list2 (handler_fn, value));
Fcons (build_string ("invalid data returned by selection-conversion function"),
Fcons (handler_fn, Fcons (value, Qnil))));
} }
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