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lisp/ChangeLog: Update.

parent 1b21ee06
2008-05-19 Tom Tromey <>
* files.el (normal-mode): Call hack-project-variables.
(hack-local-variables-confirm): Add 'project' argument.
(hack-local-variables-apply): New function.
(hack-local-variables): Use it.
(project-class-alist, project-directory-alist): New variables.
(project-get-alist): New function.
(project-collect-binding-list, set-directory-project)
(project-find-settings-file, project-define-from-project-file)
(hack-project-variables): New functions.
2008-05-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* emacs-lisp/cl-specs.el (destructuring-bind): Fix spec.
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