Commit 4b1523ac authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(mark-diary-entries): No need to redraw calendar if that is why we

were called.
parent 33873bad
......@@ -846,7 +846,10 @@ After the entries are marked, the hooks `nongregorian-diary-marking-hook' and
;; Avoid redrawing when called recursively, eg through
;; mark-diary-entries-hook for #include's, else only get
;; the last set of diary marks.
(not marking-diary-entries))
(not marking-diary-entries)
;; If called from redraw-calendar, the calendar has been
;; erased, so no need to unmark the diary entries.
(not calendar-redrawing))
(setq mark-diary-entries-in-calendar nil)
(let ((marking-diary-entries t)
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