Commit 4b43eddd authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* bytecomp.el: Declare unread-command-char an obsolete variable.

	* vip.el (vip-escape-to-emacs, vip-prefix-arg-value,
	vip-prefix-arg-com): Use unread-command-event instead of
	unread-command-char; respect its new semantics.
	* emerge.el (emerge-show-file-name): Same.
parent ee4b6d4c
......@@ -2065,7 +2065,7 @@ With prefix argument, puts mark before, point after."
Use C-u l to reset the windows afterward."
(let ((temp-buffer-show-hook
(let ((temp-buffer-show-function
(function (lambda (buf)
(switch-to-buffer buf)
......@@ -2476,9 +2476,9 @@ been edited."
((= c ?b)
(insert-buffer-substring emerge-B-buffer B-begin B-end))
((= c ?%)
(insert ?%)
(insert c)))))
(insert ?%))
(insert c))))
(insert c)))
(setq i (1+ i))))
(goto-char merge-begin)
......@@ -2910,7 +2910,7 @@ SPC, it is ignored; if it is anything else, it is processed as a command."
(enlarge-window 1))
(let ((c (read-char)))
(if (/= c 32)
(setq unread-command-char c))))))))
(setq unread-command-event c))))))))
;; Improved auto-save file names.
;; This function fixes many problems with the standard auto-save file names:
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