Commit 4b4836de authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa


(LGSTRING_XXXX, LGLYPH_XXX): Adjusted for the change of lispy
(struct font_driver): New member shape.
(font_registry_charsets): Extern. it.
(font_find_for_lface): Prototype adjusted.
(font_prepare_composition): Likewise.
(font_otf_capability, font_drive_otf): Delete their externs.
parent 102780a6
......@@ -121,7 +121,8 @@ enum font_property_index
can be opend on any frame. */
/* List of font-objects opened from the font-entity. */
/* List of font-objects opened from the font-entity. The value is
nil if no font can be opened for this font-entity. */
/* This value is the length of font-entity vector. */
......@@ -219,6 +220,12 @@ struct font_bitmap
#define FONT_OBJECT_P(x) \
(XTYPE (x) == Lisp_Misc && XMISCTYPE (x) == Lisp_Misc_Save_Value)
#define FONT_ENTITY_NOT_LOADABLE(entity) \
/* Check macros for various font-related objects. */
......@@ -247,33 +254,48 @@ struct composition;
/* Macros for lispy glyph-string. */
#define LGSTRING_FONT(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 0)
#define LGSTRING_LBEARING(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 1)
#define LGSTRING_RBEARING(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 2)
#define LGSTRING_WIDTH(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 3)
#define LGSTRING_ASCENT(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 4)
#define LGSTRING_DESCENT(lgs) AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 5)
#define LGSTRING_SET_FONT(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 0, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_LBEARING(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 1, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_RBEARING(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 2, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_WIDTH(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 3, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_ASCENT(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 4, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_DESCENT(lgs, val) ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 5, (val))
#define LGSTRING_WIDTH(lgs) XINT (AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 1))
#define LGSTRING_LBEARING(lgs) XINT (AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 2))
#define LGSTRING_RBEARING(lgs) XINT (AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 3))
#define LGSTRING_ASCENT(lgs) XINT (AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 4))
#define LGSTRING_DESCENT(lgs) XINT (AREF (AREF ((lgs), 0), 5))
#define LGSTRING_SET_FONT(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 0, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_WIDTH(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 1, make_number (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_LBEARING(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 2, make_number (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_RBEARING(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 3, make_number (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_ASCENT(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 4, make_number (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_DESCENT(lgs, val) \
ASET (AREF ((lgs), 0), 5, make_number (val))
#define LGSTRING_LENGTH(lgs) (ASIZE ((lgs)) - 1)
#define LGSTRING_GLYPH(lgs, idx) AREF ((lgs), (idx) + 1)
#define LGLYPH_FROM(g) AREF ((g), 0)
#define LGLYPH_TO(g) AREF ((g), 1)
#define LGLYPH_CHAR(g) AREF ((g), 2)
#define LGLYPH_CODE(g) AREF ((g), 3)
#define LGLYPH_WIDTH(g) AREF ((g), 4)
#define LGLYPH_ADJUSTMENT(g) AREF ((g), 5)
#define LGLYPH_SET_FROM(g, val) ASET ((g), 0, (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_TO(g, val) ASET ((g), 1, (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_CHAR(g, val) ASET ((g), 2, (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_CODE(g, val) ASET ((g), 3, (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_WIDTH(g, val) ASET ((g), 4, (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_ADJUSTMENT(g, val) ASET ((g), 5, (val))
#define LGSTRING_SET_GLYPH(lgs, idx, val) ASET ((lgs), (idx) + 1, (val))
#define LGLYPH_FROM(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 0))
#define LGLYPH_TO(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 1))
#define LGLYPH_CHAR(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 2))
#define LGLYPH_CODE(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 3))
#define LGLYPH_WIDTH(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 4))
#define LGLYPH_LBEARING(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 5))
#define LGLYPH_RBEARING(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 6))
#define LGLYPH_ASCENT(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 7))
#define LGLYPH_DESCENT(g) XINT (AREF ((g), 8))
#define LGLYPH_ADJUSTMENT(g) AREF ((g), 9)
#define LGLYPH_SET_FROM(g, val) ASET ((g), 0, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_TO(g, val) ASET ((g), 1, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_CHAR(g, val) ASET ((g), 2, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_CODE(g, val) ASET ((g), 3, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_WIDTH(g, val) ASET ((g), 4, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_LBEARING(g, val) ASET ((g), 5, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_RBEARING(g, val) ASET ((g), 6, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_ASCENT(g, val) ASET ((g), 7, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_DESCENT(g, val) ASET ((g), 8, make_number (val))
#define LGLYPH_SET_ADJUSTMENT(g, val) ASET ((g), 9, (val))
......@@ -419,6 +441,10 @@ struct font_driver
End using the driver for frame F. Usually this function free
some data stored for F. */
int (*end_for_frame) P_ ((FRAME_PTR f));
/* Optional.
Shape text in LGSTRING. */
Lisp_Object (*shape) P_ ((Lisp_Object lgstring));
......@@ -454,10 +480,13 @@ struct font_data_list
extern int enable_font_backend;
EXFUN (Ffont_spec, MANY);
EXFUN (Ffont_get, 2);
EXFUN (Flist_fonts, 4);
EXFUN (Fclear_font_cache, 0);
EXFUN (Ffont_xlfd_name, 1);
extern int font_registry_charsets P_ ((Lisp_Object, struct charset **,
struct charset **));
extern Lisp_Object font_symbolic_weight P_ ((Lisp_Object font));
extern Lisp_Object font_symbolic_slant P_ ((Lisp_Object font));
extern Lisp_Object font_symbolic_width P_ ((Lisp_Object font));
......@@ -476,7 +505,7 @@ extern int font_set_lface_from_name P_ ((FRAME_PTR f,
Lisp_Object fontname,
int force_p, int may_fail_p));
extern Lisp_Object font_find_for_lface P_ ((FRAME_PTR f, Lisp_Object *lface,
Lisp_Object spec));
Lisp_Object spec, int c));
extern Lisp_Object font_open_for_lface P_ ((FRAME_PTR f, Lisp_Object entity,
Lisp_Object *lface,
Lisp_Object spec));
......@@ -504,28 +533,18 @@ extern Lisp_Object font_update_drivers P_ ((FRAME_PTR f, Lisp_Object list));
extern Lisp_Object font_at P_ ((int c, EMACS_INT pos, struct face *face,
struct window *w, Lisp_Object object));
extern struct font *font_prepare_composition P_ ((struct composition *cmp));
extern struct font *font_prepare_composition P_ ((struct composition *cmp,
extern Lisp_Object font_put_extra P_ ((Lisp_Object font, Lisp_Object prop,
Lisp_Object val));
/* This can be used as `otf_capability' method of a font-driver. */
extern Lisp_Object font_otf_capability P_ ((struct font *font));
/* This can be used as `otf_drive' method of a font-driver. */
extern int font_drive_otf P_ ((struct font *font, Lisp_Object otf_features,
Lisp_Object gstring_in, int from, int to,
Lisp_Object gstring_out, int idx,
int alternate_subst));
#endif /* HAVE_LIBOTF */
extern int font_put_frame_data P_ ((FRAME_PTR f,
struct font_driver *driver,
void *data));
extern void *font_get_frame_data P_ ((FRAME_PTR f,
struct font_driver *driver));
extern struct font_driver ftfont_driver;
#endif /* HAVE_FREETYPE */
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